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Glass Technician

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Glass Technician

Talented and friendly technicians are what makes our business so successful here at Autoglass®. As an industry-leading IMI-accredited employer we train our people to fit and repair glass to the highest standards. So, whether you’re an experienced fitter or someone who’s looking to take their first steps in a new career, we can offer you an exciting role which will challenge you to reach new heights of professional skill. Based either in one of our centres or out and about meeting customers at their home or place of work, you'll be repairing or replacing vehicle glass to the highest standards with industry-leading technology and tools. Collaboration is part of our DNA and you'll be working alongside different teams including our customer experience centre and district support team to ensure we always make a difference with real care.

Customer Experience Representative

The customer experience centre at Autoglass® is the starting point for every customer journey.

Our friendly, detail-focused representatives make a difference by getting it right first time and ensuring a great experience for every customer.

Our concierge team case-manage more complex or challenging situations to deliver an intuitive and hassle-free customer journey.

Some roles within the customer experience centre include customer experience representative and customer experience centre team manager.

District Support Team

Our district support teams play a vital role in making a difference with real care every day. Taking responsibility for the success of every job within their region, our district support teams are technical problem-solvers and skilled collaborators who know exactly how to co-ordinate the right technician with the right piece of glass, at the right location and with the right customer, leading to a successful outcome every time! Each day brings fresh challenges and will test your logistical ability and your customer-focus. In reward, we offer an exciting career path with full training and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve played a major part in each customer’s solution.

Some roles within our district support team include district support team member and district support team manager.

Head Office

Our customer and central functions are the nerve-centre of Autoglass®. We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to ensure that we make a difference to our customers. Our Head Office is a Centre of Service Excellence which hosts a vibrant and diverse population made up of many different specialist teams, all of which come together to create the magic of Autoglass®!

Why not read on to find out more about the variety of roles and careers our head office can offer you?


Our customers expect nothing less than excellence when they book online with Autoglass®. That’s because Autoglass® understand instinctively how to create and deliver a seamless, intuitive digital customer experience, and get it right first time for each and every customer.  As a business, innovation is part of our DNA. That’s why our digital team will offer you an exciting career path that will develop your skills and expertise in line with the rapid pace of technological change.

Roles within our digital team include digital contact representative and digital content manager.


We rely on our world-class IT support systems and our team of trusted experts to make a difference throughout our organisation. Whether it be managing our scheduling software, our telephony, our customer databases or our technicians’ portable devices, our IT team are always at the very heart of the action.

We offer a wide variety of roles within IT, including infrastructure management, systems architecture and frontline helpdesk support.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales team are responsible for developing strong and profitable relationships with existing and new corporate customers. They’re passionate advocates for Autoglass®, selling the benefits of our incredible service and making sure our world-class business is represented in the best possible light at all times.

Our marketing team is responsible for driving growth by acquiring new customers through advertising channels, expanding our product portfolio, careful brand and reputation management, and communications.

Together, our talented and driven sales and marketing professionals form part of a diverse team with different areas of specialism. 

The type of roles found in sales and marketing include sales manager, marketing assistant and marketing manager.


At Autoglass® our finance professionals work closely in partnership with teams right across our business, ensuring that every decision we take is informed and supported by financial best practice. Our finance teams are outgoing and accessible, taking an active part in different projects, engaging with stakeholders and helping to drive business change. A role in the finance team at Autoglass® puts you at the centre of the action, by developing great relationships through strong communication and trusted expertise you will help shape the future of our business.

Some examples of roles within our finance team include business intelligence specialist, credit control team member, payroll assistant, finance business partner & project manager.

People Team

Our business is proud to be people-driven. Together, we aim to make Autoglass® a great place to work. We support our people to understand and develop their individual career aspirations with the right training and support. We collaborate with our people and partners to foster a sense of community and provide meaningful work and rewarding work relationships.

Some example roles in the people function include, people business partner, reward analyst, people services team member and internal communications manager.

Customer Services

When things go wrong, it’s all about how you put it right. The customer services team at Autoglass® are specialists in service recovery. We’re here to solve problems quickly and effectively, ensuring that our customer is kept fully informed and reassured. We interact with teams right across our customer journey to make solutions happen for our customer, protecting our brand and maintaining our reputation for delivering real customer care, every time.

Some roles within our customer services include customer services manager and customer services team member.


Whether it be working to expand our network of centres around the UK, maintaining our huge fleet of vehicles or taking care of our many national sites and offices, the facilities team at Autoglass® is a fast-paced and rewarding place to build a career.

Some roles within our facilities include fleet manager and health and safety manager.


Developing and maintaining strong, purposeful leadership across all areas of our business is crucial to our success. At Autoglass® our leaders are ambassadors. Inspiring a collaborative working culture, bringing our purpose and values to life and engaging our people with our vision for the future. Autoglass® offer leadership roles across a wide spectrum of business areas, but all our leaders have one thing in common, they’re here to foster a culture of service excellence by supporting our people in their ongoing mission to make a difference.

Supply Chain / Warehouse Team Member

As you’d expect from the UK’s number one vehicle glass specialist, Autoglass® use only the highest-quality original equipment manufacturer-standard glass for our customers. Our technicians fit thousands of pieces of glass each year, which means Autoglass® rely on our supply chain to source the glass in a dependable and sustainable way. Transporting large volumes of glass over long distances without damage presents its own challenges. That’s why our supply chain need to be experts in warehouse management and logistics, with the ability to track stock movements with absolute accuracy and always to ensure that our technician brings the right piece of glass to the right customer at the right time, in perfect condition!

Some roles within our supply chain include warehouse team member, first line manager and warehouse manager.