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Making a difference


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Find out more about our interview processes, how to prepare and some hints and tips for the day. You can also learn about our award-winning training programmes and approach to learning & development here. We are proud of our excellent track record in training people with no experience and giving them an opportunity to do something extraordinary.

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The Recruitment Process

Getting you on point for your interview

Here are some helpful tips to help you;

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Career History

Take a look back at your career history. What are the highlights? What have you learned? And how has that helped you move forward? Make sure you can talk confidently about your experience and your achievements when we ask.


Research what’s involved in the position. List the skills we’re looking for, and think of specific relevant examples from your background. Get ready to share these with us so we can see what a good match you are.


Learn as much as you can about Autoglass®. We want to know you’re passionate about what we do and keen to be part of it. Impress us on your knowledge of our business by reading up on our corporate site ( And don’t forget to keep an eye on the national newspapers and business press.


Prepare a list of questions to ask us. Get the answers you need to know whether the role is right for you – and whether Autoglass® is the right place for your future. It’s crucial you’re able to make the right decision, should we offer you the role.

Know what to expect

Typically, our interviews are competency based. This means we’ll ask you to talk about a scenario so we can understand whether you have the right skills to take the position on. Make sure you tell us what the situation was, as well as the action that you took. And what happened as a result. It’s not about your past experience or previous qualifications. It’s about how you step up in certain situations.

Helping you be the best on the day

Learning and Development

We are passionate about developing our people to be the best they can be personally and professionally.

We support our people to achieve and develop through a number of initiatives and external accreditation’s that include:

Potential Leaders Programme for those wising to pursue a career in leadership and Role of the Leader, a leadership development programme to further develop leadership skills.

Our Trainee Technician programmes allow people to join our business with no technical experience and learn first-hand glass repair and replacement skills.

Qualifications such as CIPD and ACCA.

As part of a large and diverse organisation, we recognise talent internally and offer secondment opportunities across our business to help our people develop themselves. As a global business, we also have the opportunity to be seconded to work on international projects, sharing expertise and working with other Belron® business units across the world.

We have a blended approach to learning because we see learning as something that isn’t just delivered though a formal course in the classroom or an e-learning module but as part of our day to day work, learning new skills, working with others and through collaboration in business projects.

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