Making the Difference


Making a difference


Why Join Us

To begin a career with us is to open an exciting new chapter in your story. We offer a fast-paced environment in which each new day brings a fresh challenge. It’s an environment in which you’re supported as you grow with all the right training, to ensure you’re progressing on your chosen development path.

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Our Purpose

All our people share a common purpose; we make a difference with real care.

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Our Values

Our values form part of our DNA as a business. We use them as a touchstone; they underpin everything we do by shaping how we interact with each other, our customers, our communities and our business partners. Our core values are: 

Career Development

Just as you go the extra mile for our customers, we’ll go the extra mile for you. Our Training & Development team is committed to making sure you thrive in your role, ready for whatever comes next.

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Always Developing

For our technicians and Customer Experience Centre representatives we offer comprehensive specialist training, designed to support you as your skills develop into real expertise. For people leaders and aspiring managers we run in-depth tailored training programmes to enhance self-awareness and support you to become the most effective leader you can possibly be.

Technical Evolution

We are dynamic and constantly changing, which generates many opportunities for secondments working with different teams. This is a fantastic way to foster a greater knowledge of the business and to increase the breadth of your professional skills. Our business is proud to partner with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). Our technical experts work closely with the IMI to develop best practice in training within an industry driven by constant technical evolution.

Innovation and Tools

Belron® is exceptional in having its own dedicated research and development division, Belron® Technical. This is a team of innovators and thinkers – all focused on driving technical standards and developing innovations that break new ground in vehicle glass repair and replacement.

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Belron® Technical

Belron® Technical have developed a wealth of original tools to support our technicians.

These include the Ezi-Wire®, whose unique functionality allows us to remove bonded glass without damaging the vehicle; the 1-Tek®, which enables a technician working alone to lift heavy pieces of glass; and the Vanbrella®, our iconic mobile canopy which protects our technicians from inclement weather as they work outdoors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business places real value on giving back to our communities. We’re incredibly proud to contribute over £70,000 each year to support charities and organisations which are close to the hearts of our people. We have four chosen partner charities and our annual Giving Back calendar is full of vibrant and fun events which are all about raising funds for these very special causes.  

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Giving Back

There is a strong tradition of community activity across all of Belron and we feel that the best way for us to make a difference is through local strategies driven by the passion and energy of our people. In the UK we select and manage our own community initiatives and charitable partners, choosing a strategy that best reflects local needs.

As a result we believe there is a greater sense of personal involvement and achievement amongst our people. Through the work and the efforts of our people, we are able to support charities on a local and national scale through donations and assets such as computers, as well as creating opportunities to fundraise, volunteer and share skill.

Making a difference by coming together

We recognise the impact that we can have a global community by working together to raise money. Since 2002 Belron people from around the world have raised over €5.5 million by coming together to take part in the annual Spirit of Belron® Challenge in aid of South African charity, Afrika Tikkun.

With the roots of the company firmly in South Africa it was felt that the right thing to do was to give back to the communities there. Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its many programmes and their Community Centres of Excellence, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

The charity supports over 19,000 beneficiaries annually in townships near Johannesburg and Cape Town and they employ 600 staff from the local communities. To find out more about Afrika Tikkun’s work please visit their website.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We define diversity as valuing everyone as an individual. We value all our employees, customers and partners as people.

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We regularly review the ways in which we can make our business an attractive and accessible place to work for people from a wide range of backgrounds. We focus on inclusive approaches to recruitment and selection and we’re committed to employment policies that promote diversity and inclusion.We also support flexible working arrangements wherever possible, so that our people can work in ways which suit their personal circumstances.

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